Physical Therapy Month at The Villas Senior Care Community

Our society is full of observational days and months that shed light on various health-related industries or ways we can make our lives healthier and more enjoyable. In October, we observe Physical Therapy Month, which at The Villas Senior Care Community (VSCC) is a service we proudly provide to the senior population of Sherman and the surrounding areas.

The therapy program at VSCC in Sherman, Illinois provides comprehensive therapy services, including physical, occupational and speech. Therapy services cover a wide spectrum of medical diagnoses included in each of these therapy disciplines. Physical therapy is ideal for seniors who have suffered an illness or injury that caused them to lose mobility or the skills to do basic activities.

The therapy program at VSCC is known as Villas Total Rehab, or VTR. One component of the VTR physical therapy program focuses on gait training (walking).For many seniors, re-learning how to walk effectively and with proper gait can be challenging after a stroke or illness. The VTR physical therapy team focuses on exercises to strengthen the leg muscles and help seniors build endurance so they can walk longer distances. Depending on the injury or damage to the body, working on improving step coordination can also be a focus of physical therapy. Physical therapists use stretching exercises as well as senior-friendly pneumatic resistance training machines for building strength and endurance.

When seniors must re-learn gait and functional movement, the therapy team works with patients so they can become stronger in walking on unlevel surfaces and up and down stairs. VTR Therapy also helps patients become stronger in walking various distances. For seniors who may need the assistance of a cane, exercises are tailored and specialized to ensure the physical therapy they receive is helping them improve their ability to perform daily activities.

In addition to building strength and endurance, building confidence is also a top priority. After losing mobility or suffering a fall, the natural inclination is to be cautious; take smaller steps. Physical therapy helps patients regain their confidence so they are able to move throughout their day with the knowledge they have the skills and abilities to be successful. The goal of therapy at VSCC is to return our patients to their lives with as much independence as possible.

Another area of focus for the VTR Physical Therapy program is balance. Many seniors are at a risk for falls, and their core balance can be strengthened to lower their risk. Therapy equipment that evaluate balance and provide exercise programs can help seniors become stronger and reduce their risk of falls. Physical therapy can also help with treating chronic medical conditions like arthritis or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) that can cause seniors to have difficulty walking or with their balance.

National Physical Therapy month is sponsored by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Their focus in 2017 is on highlighting the benefits of physical therapy over the use of medications, specifically opiods, to treat chronic pain. For seniors, loss of mobility and function can cause them to experience depression, especially if they are not able to do as much physical activity as they used to prior to their illness, stroke or diagnosis. It is important that physical therapy be an avenue that is explored to help them get back on their feet and return to their life. The Villas Senior Care Community uses an interdisciplinary approach in the care of each individual includes input and action from multiple areas, including therapy, nursing, pharmacy and dietary.

You can learn more about Villas Total Rehab and the Physical Therapy services provided at The Villas Senior Care Community by visiting our website at Or stop by to see our new therapy gym and learn more today.

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