Happy Older Americans Month!

Every May, we celebrate Older Americans Month. The Administration for Community Living leads this annual recognition of our senior generation. For 2019, the theme is "Connect, Create, Contribute".

  • Connect with friends, family, and services that support participation.
  • Create by engaging in activities that promote learning, health, and personal enrichment.
  • Contribute time, talent, and life experience to benefit others.

At the Villas Senior Care Community, we are deeply committed to helping our residents and the seniors in our Sherman community lead happy, vibrant lives. Meaningful connections at all ages are fundamental to overall wellbeing and good health. Growing older and retiring doesn't equal a life of boredom.

Seniors have proven time and again that age is just a number. Creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit are not relegated to the younger generation. Laura Ingalls Wilder did not publish her first novel until she was 65 years old. Colonel Sanders was 62 years old when he opened his first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

Older Americans have the wisdom and perspective on life that younger people have not yet achieved. They continue to be valuable members of our society by sharing their talents, experience and time with their communities. Communities who recognize and embrace the contributions of their senior population are stronger, livelier places to live and work.

Thanks to advancements in medical and health technology, seniors are living longer. The Smithsonian magazine reported that in 2014, there were nearly 73,000 Americans aged 100 years or older. As we as a society become more focused on good lifestyle habits, the longevity of life can only increase.

Celebrate the older Americans in YOUR life today! If you are interested in learning more about the programs and services at The Villas Senior Care Community in Sherman, please visit our website today, or call us directly at (217) 744-2299.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

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