Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month

The month of April celebrates the profession of occupational therapy. Occupational therapy, or often described as simply "OT", provides rehabilitation to help people achieve and maintain independence through the performance and skills and activities needed in their daily lives.

Occupational therapy is one of the therapy disciplines available at The Villas Senior Care Community. Villas Total Rehab, or VTR, includes occupational, physical and speech therapy.

Occupational therapy focuses on helping people re-learn the daily living skills they need to be as independent as possible. After a hospital stay because of illness or surgery, many people need additional therapy services before they can return home and live on their own. VTR's occupational therapy program is designed to help seniors regain the skills necessary to do daily tasks like emptying the dishwasher, taking a shower or getting dressed.

The VTR occupational therapy program focuses on purposeful movement – exercises to strengthen both fine and gross motor skills. Individualized therapy programs also focus on improving upper body strength and coordination. Injuries or a stroke can often rob a person of their ability to do daily activities many of us take for granted. Our therapy team helps patients re-learn daily skills like brushing their teeth, getting in and out of bed, taking a bath/shower and dressing.

Occupational therapy has been helping people get back to living their lives since the early 1900s. Technology, equipment and techniques may have changed, but the ultimate goal of giving people back their freedom has remained true.

Today at The Villas Senior Care Community, our new therapy addition features a 13,000-foot space with modern therapy equipment. The VTR Therapy Gym boasts two SciFit recumbent bicycles, a Keiser Triple Trainer, True Elliptical and SportsArt Fitness Treadmill. The SportsArt Fitness Treadmill is specifically designed for rehabilitation of cardiac patients. The VTR Therapy Gym also includes a living skills retraining space for additional training of daily activities that patients will encounter upon returning home.

The retraining area is set up to allow seniors to practice daily tasks in a realistic environment. The Living Skills Retraining Studio lets seniors practice getting in and out of bed, putting groceries away, doing laundry – just like they would do at home. By practicing these daily tasks with our occupational therapists in a supported environment, seniors can focus on healing and regain endurance and strength before they return home.

A home assessment visit by an occupational therapy is an option. Home assessments are usually done prior to a resident returning home, and identify safety concerns in the home and offer suggestions for how to modify certain things to make the home as safe as possible. Things like grab bars in the shower, removing throw rugs to help reduce the risk of falls, etc. are some of the suggestions your occupational therapist may provide.

Also crucial to long-term success is education for a patient's caregiver – whether that is a spouse or adult child living in the home with them. Caregiver involvement is a crucial part of ongoing success once a patient has returned home. Your VTR therapist can provide resources and information to help the transition to home go smoothly.

Learn more about Villas Total Rehab therapy program by visiting our website: www.VillasSeniorCare.com. VTR provides occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. Therapy programs are designed specifically for each patient; tailored to fit their unique diagnosis and individual goals.

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