Physical Therapy Month at The Villas Senior Care Community

Our society is full of observational days and months that shed light on various health-related industries or ways we can make our lives healthier and more enjoyable. In October, we observe Physical Therapy Month, which at The Villas Senior Care Community (VSCC) is a service we proudly provide to the senior population of Sherman and the surrounding ...
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Age-Related Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is something that many people never think about it or something we categorize as only being applicable to the older population. Nearly half of Americans over age 75 have hearing loss; for many the hearing loss is a natural part of aging due to deterioration of the auditory nerves. The science of hearing is a complex process, and if aff...
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The Important of Hand Washing

Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands! We hear it all day long; it's a mantra we recite multiple times a day to our children and ourselves. There are posters and signs in all public restrooms and kitchens reminding employees to wash their hands before returning to work. If everyone washed their hands with soap and running water, as is r...
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Helping Seniors Stay Healthy & Safe this Fall

Happy Fall! The long, warm summer days are over as the turn of the seasons has officially moved into autumn. With it comes the excitement of fall football games, warm apple cider and changing leaves. The crisp, fall air that signals shorter days and cooler temperatures are on their way. The changing of the seasons can be an exciting time, and with ...
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Women's Heart Health

Being healthy is a something that can take a lot of work and effort. A regular fitness regimen, a healthy diet, annual check-ups with your doctor, the list can be endless. With our busy lives, between work, caring for family members (whether you have kids at home or elderly parents to care for) and having any semblance of a social life, taking care...
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Healthy Cholesterol for Seniors

Cholesterol is one of those health concerns that are with us our whole lives. It rises as we age through our youth and into middle age. Typically, the rise in cholesterol peaks at around age 60, stabilizes and naturally begins to decline.But, even as cholesterol levels begin to level off, the side effects of bad cholesterol still pose a threat as w...
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